“They were there when I started around 6 years ago, are brilliant at their work and lovely people, to boot. They are both mentors and peers and absolutely know their sh*t” – Leanne Kemmler Palmerston
APPA has taken my placenta practice to a new level of professionalism and safety. I can’t recommend the organization enough for both placenta professionals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge as well as those looking to launch a new career. – APPA Graduate

Our comprehensive program includes:

  • All six APPA training modules

Our modules are designed to completely prepare you to start your Placenta Arts practice. From creating your business documents to identifying the most commonly seen anomalies to keeping you and your clients safe. We expect each module will take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to complete or 6-9 months for the entire course. Many placenta arts programs offer weekend certification programs or short self study progams. This isn’t our style. At APPA, we feel that placenta arts certification should equal a degree of training not acquired in a matter of days or even weeks.  We developed the APPA program as a result of many requests from previously trained providers for a more comprehensive professional training. We aren’t just training you to prepare placentas safely for your clients, we are training you to be a placenta professional with detailed knowledge on safety, research, business building, preparation arts, anatomy and postpartum expectations.

  • Three hours of professional one on one mentorship

Our Professional Mentors are true seasoned experts eager to support you on your journey. Our mentors are available through email, skype, IM and even over the phone. We want you to succeed.

    • One FREE year of APPA directory listing and membership (retail value of $50)

    • Discounted rate of $40.00 ($20 savings!) on APPA’s Placenta Arts specific International IOSHA Bloodborne Pathogens.

    • Single payment- $534.98


    • Modules
      • Placenta Anatomy & Physiology

      • Research: What We Know

      • Placenta Traditions

      • Safety & Sanitation

      • Placenta Arts & Applications

      • Postpartum Expectations & Postnatal Mood disorders 


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