APPA Shining Star: Erin Black

Meet Erin Black of Adelaide, Australia!

Erin was born under a full moon on November 20th 1983 in the sleepy coastal town of Denmark in Western Australia. She now calls the coast of Adelaide, South Australia home.
She is an enamoured Wife and Mother to two wildlings, a dog, a turtle and two chickens.
An eternal student of life, Erin is also a Doula, Placenta Specialist, Childbirth Educator and Facilitator of workshops, retreats and goddess gatherings for birth workers, pregnant women, mothers and females alike.
Growing up, she always felt an overwhelming urge to want to create peace and connection and spread love and compassion, she just wasn’t sure in what capacity.
Falling pregnant in 2012 saw her life catapulted on a whole new trajectory. She found herself inhaling any and all information she could find on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenthood, women’s mysteries and the sacred feminine.
When she gave birth to her first wildling in 2013 she quickly realised just how vitally important it is to not only nurture your child, but to nurture yourself. Shortly after, her business Nurture The Goddess was born.
Finding her tribe of women to journey alongside, share experiences with and support and love one another was an essential piece in the puzzle of her adventure.
Erin feels very fortunate to be able to combine her passion for pregnancy, birth and motherhood with her desire to care and nurture others. She is able to support women and their families on their individual journeys – whether that’s through her doula, placenta and childbirth educator work, or through bringing women together to weave a web of celebration and support.
Erin loves honouring significant life events and transitions. She loves living in sync with, connecting to and honouring the cyclic nature of all things. Her favourite things include PLACENTAS!, family hangs, swimming in the sunshine, eating frozen grapes, creating, connecting, bare feet, kindness, gardening, kitchin’ witchin’ (cooking), laughing, board games, baby wearing, exploring natural therapies, good company, good wine, pilates, togetherness, smiles and giggles, yoga, meditation, diving, travel, massages, learning, adventures, tropical everything, warm cups of tea, delightful smells, nature, outside fires and hot baths in winter, dancing, stretching, and of course; long walks along the beach 😉


Connect with Erin at: Follow her on Instagram at: @nurturethegoddess

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