Jenny Corbett Silver Spring Placenta
Washington DC

Hi! I’m Jenny. I am a birth doula and placenta specialist trained and certified through APPA, trained in OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens Prevention and food handling safety through SafeServ. i put the utmost care and professionalism into my work for you, so you can have an easier transition to motherhood. You can choose from a wide variety of speciality add ons to enhance your postpartum experience, including prints, salves, tinctures, smoothie drops, and keepsake paintings. I’m dedicated to safety and service-providing a quick turnaround time and flexible payment options to fit any budget. Let’s talk about postpartum so you can love your life with baby!

Serving DC, MD, and northern VA…

Are you an expectant mother wishing to increase your postpartum energy and breast milk production, allow for a quicker return to balance, decrease the likelihood of postnatal depression, iron deficiency, and sleep disturbances? You’re in the right place!

Hi, I’m Jessica — your placenta lady. Wishing to ease the transition to motherhood after the birth of my daughter, I encapsulated my placenta with amazing benefits. Eager to share my experience, I dedicated myself to training as a placenta encapsulation specialist and founded Tree of Life Birth Services featuring:

Triple Certifications: The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts, OSHA bloodborne pathogens and infection control trained, ServSafe MD State Health Department food workers.
Fast Turnaround: Same day pickup and a 48 hour turnaround guarantee.
Quality Training: 200+ hours of education in technique & safety.
Safety Focused: Rigorous sanitation standards exceeding industry standards.
Dedicated Service: On call exclusively for placentas 24/7/365 with fully qualified backup standing by.
Flexible Options: Choose your preparation method, capsule type, luxe add ons, delivery format, and payment method.

Ready to give your expanding family this amazing gift?​ Let me know and together, we’ll make a plan.