Graduate Spotlight – Alyssa Longhi

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I am a Certified Yoga Instructor through Kripalu since 2009 and now specialize in Prenatal, Postnatal, & Restorative Yoga. I am also a Certified Aromatherapist through Wisdom of the Earth since 2009, and a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist through the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPAC) since February 2016.

I began my journey in the birth business because of my son, Ashton. He made me fall in love with a part of life I never thought I would experience. Our bodies are truly amazing, even more so during pregnancy. We need to nurture ourselves body, mind, & soul during this special time, and I am here to guide you along the way.

During my pregnancy I self-practiced prenatal yoga daily along with aromatherapy and meditation. It helped me stay focused inward, learn to breathe, and most importantly, relax. Being centered and being one with yourself and baby makes for a more relaxed birth for both.

After my birth, I knew I needed to share the amazing benefits I received from encapsulating my placenta. The physical benefits were great; my milk production exceeded what  originally thought it would, I healed faster, my energy levels were great, and my postpartum bleeding slowed and dissipated quickly.  Mentally, I was focused and happy. It connected me with Ashton in ways I never dreamed possible. His placenta; what nourished him and comforted him for nine months was now nourishing and comforting me. It’s a beautiful cycle, one that I loved including in my postnatal care, and I hope you do as well.

Alyssa Longhi, APPAC
(860) 921-1710

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