Graduate Spotlight – Amber Roman

00521e_f95dbecdc21c469c8a5600526442823c.jpg_srb_p_303_202_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbAmber Roman has been a certified childbirth educator, doula, and owner of Belly to Cradle, LLC in Pensacola, Florida,  for four years. About a year into building her birth business, she realized how great the need was in her area for better postpartum support, and began encapsulating placentas after training under a seasoned midwife. In 2014, Amber discovered APPA and decided it was time to take her encapsulation knowledge and training to the next level. She looks forward to expanding her placenta encapsulation business through her new business venture, Pensacola Placentas, and serving her clients using the safety and excellence of the APPA way!

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