Graduate Spotlight – Emily Crouch

00521e_07c7e8630d4741c0a4957f6689dd099a.jpg_srb_p_315_210_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbI am a birth doula living in Oklahoma City with my husband of four years and two year old daughter. I am the owner of Scissortail Birth Services, serving the OKC area since April 2014. After being in the birth worker field for a year, I sought out the gold standard certifying organization for placenta arts services, knowing what a relief and aid the service has been to past clients. Wanting to offer the best, most professional postpartum care as possible, I chose APPA for my certification. I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to go through APPA’s thorough training and feel that I am better prepared to serve my clients in all their needs. I have been blessed to work with the wonderful families that I have had so far, and cannot wait to add this incredibly beneficial art to my list of services.


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