Graduate Spotlight – Jesse Dykhuis

00521e_c2e27db6143e4067b9223a56b8fc8022.jpg_srb_p_630_651_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbJesse Dykhuis comes to APPA with 5 years professional encapsulation experience under her belt.  She chose APPA because of the deep trust she felt in the founding individuals and board members after years of growing their practices in unison despite being in locations across the world.  A strong commitment to a deep understanding of the cultural and scientific importance of placentophagia for new mothers drove her to take the whole program instead of the advanced placement track. She feels wholly competent to provide professional and safe services to her community and she developed a business infrastructure to help support that goal!

“Belonging to an organization offering this level of curriculum gives me a network of fully qualified colleagues to support my goals and pass referrals to.”

Jesse practices in Duluth MN and the surrounding areas.

Her business is The First Place on Earth placenta services.

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