Graduate Spotlight – Katherine Eden-Lech


Katherine Eden-Lech (BBSc, MSW, APPA-C, DSS) is a fully qualified social worker (AASW Member, with Medicare number to provide specialized perinatal counseling), as well as a doula and a student CBE with a background in psychology/sociology and midwifery. She became part of her local Adelaide doula and birth community back in 2009. Placentas were always her first love and interest after she heard about the possible benefits to support women during the postnatal period. With the desire to combine her mental health background and her passion for working with women, Katherine wanted to learn more. It wasn’t until the birth of her first child in 2013 and the option for training with APPA (Association of Placenta Preparation Arts) opened, that she could finally embark on officially starting a business. Katherine owns and operates Nourished Collective and Nourished, Mind and Womb and enjoys offering a unique range of services from placenta and doula services, to henna art, mother blessings, retreats and workshops.

Katherine was proud to be the first Australian (and South Australian) APPA Certified Placenta Arts Specialist, completing the certificate in 2015. She also holds additional BBP and Food Safety Certificates, as well as relevant working with children/families clearances. As the SA representative of PSA and active member of her local birth and doula community (including co-founding Adelaide Birth Network), Katherine is passionate about providing an exceptional and professional service, but also uniting with other birth professionals to maintain and uphold safe and professional Australian standards. Katherine is not currently accepting placenta clients while traveling with her family for the beginning of 2016 but will continue to support PSA during this time.

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