Graduate Spotlight- Leslie Boote (Anness)

leslie-fcwnLeslie Boote (Anness) APPAC, Reiki Master, Post-partum Doula, mother and wife in  Northern Ontario- Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada.

Leslie work for many years as a medical secretary and receptionist until her second child was born. She has had 2 wonderful home water births with midwives and doula support along with her husband.
After the personal struggle of post-partum mood disorder with her second child, Leslie researched ways to overcome and cope with the transitions her body was going through. There was little to be known about the use of the placenta in Thunder Bay. Thankfully Leslie has a large close knit circle of mom friends she calls her ‘village’. Many new mothers were having their placenta encapsulated which has helped her village moms with their transitions into motherhood.
Leslie connected with the local doula and from there on Leslie has studied, practiced and is now the owner of a profession placenta encapsulation business, Mother Nurture® Mother birthing in the Thunder Bay area can have a natural alternative of wellness during their post-partum transition, Leslie also includes postpartum doula support up to the first birthday of the newborn, that includes reiki treatments to the mother and infant.

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