Graduate Spotlight - Melody Wunderlin


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Melody Wunderlin has had passion for birth and birthing options for years, including debating pursuing midwifery during college. After debating long and hard, she ended up graduating with a degree in chemistry and a minor in sociology.

After getting married and starting a family that passion was reborn and she pursued training to teach childbirth education and then adding on birth doula work. Her company Cornerstone Birth was born in 2011.

Melody first heard of encapsulation in 2009 while pregnant with her oldest child, she immediately deemed that something for people much more “hippie” than herself. After complications during the birth of her twins in 2012 her midwife encapsulated her placentas. Her recovery time and energy level was much better than after the birth of her two older singletons with uncomplicated deliveries.

In 2015 she decided to add on to her education by training with Association of Placenta Preparation Arts. She is proudly certified by APPA and offers full service encapsulation services to Rock County and the surrounding areas.

Melody Wunderlin, APPAC

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