Graduate Spotlight: Natalia Longanbach

My name is Natalia Longanbach and I am a mother of two as well as have a passion for encapsulating placentas. With my first daughter, my cousin encapsulated my placenta for me and I had never heard of such a thing before until she mentioned it to me about her encapsulating for me. With my second I didn’t get it encapsulated and felts very off and so I tried to keep busy with doing something. I started to encapsulate people’s placentas as something to do since I am a stay at home mother but also because I wanted no other woman to feel the way I felt after have my second daughter. I started last year with my friend’s placenta in April. After I did a couple I wanted to be more educated in how to prepare the placenta so decided to become certified. Also, I wanted a piece of mind for my clients and I as I am preparing something that they ingest.

After careful thought and looking at other places to get my certification I decided to go with APPA as it worked with my schedule of being a stay at home mom. I started in July and as of January, I am APPA Certified. I am beyond thrilled and am excited to be able to provide this service to mothers. I hope to be able to provide mothers with the best postpartum experience that they can have. Thank you so much to APPA for this amazing course you offer.

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