Graduate Spotlight – Natasha Canaday

Bio picNatasha Canaday currently works for Healthy Mom’s Placenta Encapsulation in Grande Prairie, Alberta with her partner, Melissa. She is a wife and mother to three beautiful children. Natasha has always been drawn down the holistic path in life and is passionate about helping women and children.

Natasha has always felt that pregnancy and birth is such a sacred and pivotal time for women and has always had a deep desire to be of service to women during their transition into motherhood. After Natasha’s own birthing and postpartum experiences, she came across placenta encapsulation. After doing plenty of research, she felt very passionate about providing an alternative support method to women during their postpartum period.

Natasha is proud to be a member of the APPA and offer a high level of support and care for women and families in her surrounding community.

Natasha Canaday, APPAC

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