Graduate Spotlight - Rebecca Kubenk

Rebecca KubenkRebecca Kubenk is the founder and owner of Blooming in Adelaide. When a woman is expecting she blooms and this is where Rebecca came up with the name for her business.

Rebecca is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who has been assisting women with breastfeeding for over 10 years, she has a her own private practice and is also mother to four children. As an IBCLC she is passionate about helping new mothers reach their breastfeeding goals. Over time she has met with many women who were struggling with their new baby, due to fatigue, stress and hormonal changes. These challenges had impacted on their breastmilk supply.

Whilst undertaking some further studies (Certificate IV in Doula Services) in 2011 she discovered how the placenta had been used in some cultures to help new mothers overcome some of these challenges and thus improved their breastfeeding outcomes and general wellbeing. Rebecca initially completed her placenta encapsulation training with another organisation in 2012, as APPA was not around at the time and begun offering placenta encapsulation to women in her area.

In 2016 with Rebecca’s recertification looming, and over 400 encapsulations under her belt, she wanted to enhance her skill-set and thus undertook further study and certification with APPA. She learnt so many new things that she had not known about before. For instance that when the mother’s organs are struggling the baby can send stem cells through the placenta to help with healing these organs.

Rebecca is proud verified member of Placenta Services Australia; she is passionate about ensuring safe Placenta Encapsulation, undertaking training to a high standard as set by the Australian Food Industry and Blood Borne Pathogens Certification.

Rebecca is humbled to become a member of the APPA and the first in her state of South Australia to become certified with APPA and continue to provide a high level of support and nurturing for the families in her area.

Rebecca Kubenk IBCLC, CD, APPAC
P: 0414701412

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