Graduate Spotlight- Sarah Purchase

Placenta Encapsulation Sarah PurchaseSarah grew up in Toronto, Ontario, and now resides in Mississauga with her two
children, and fiance. She is passionate about all things birth and aspires to be a midwife
in the near future. Sarah’s inspiration to offer mothers a chance to a better postpartum
experience stems from her own postpartum recoveries.
Sarah’s first postpartum was fraught with PPD and PPA that lingered for years.
When she became pregnant with her second child, she stumbled upon Placenta
Encapsulation. When she spoke to her doctor at her next prenatal appointment, she was
surprised to discover that the hospital only had a policy about releasing placentas
through a funeral home. She fought tooth and nail, and by the time she delivered her son, the policy had changed; she had won the right to bring her placenta home!
 Her second postpartum experience differed from her first as she felt like she was on cloud 9. She didn’t feel depressed or have anxiety when someone wanted to hold her newborn. She could finally relax. She also had an overabundance of milk and was able to share it with another family. It has been three years since she discovered Placenta Encapsulation, and is still reaping the benefits through her tincture.
Sarah chose to certify through APPA because she wanted to provide mothers with
the best possible start in their fourth trimester. Recovering from birth can be
exhausting, and placenta capsules have been reported to ease the transition through the
first few weeks. It is important to choose an APPA Certified Placenta Arts Specialist to encapsulate your
placenta because cleanliness, efficiency, and transparency are our top priorities.

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