1 Month Extension



Are your 12 months coming to a close and you need just a little more time to complete your program?  Purchase a single monthly extension.

To avoid interruptions or additional fees, extensions must be purchased prior to the last day of your expiring month. If you have questions please direct your email to registrar@placentaarts.com.

Please note- If you don’t purchase an extension by the last day of your expiring month (one year from your purchase date, or the the last day of your extension period), you will be temporarily removed from the online groups and training platform. If you request to be reinstated to the program within 3 months of the last day of your expiring month you will need to pay an additional $25 Clerical Fee to put you back into the system. If it has been longer than 3 months since the last day of your expiring month, your access will have been permanently removed from both the Facebook Group, the APPA Advance training platform,  any work you may have entered into APPA Advance will be lost. This is a much more extensive removal. If you choose to return after this point, you will need to be reinstated to each module individually and will be required to pay an additional clerical fee of $50. Moving students back and forth within the system takes time and effort. These fees cover this expense.