Personalized Placenta Floor Pillow- 2 zones (logo, contact info)


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Elevate your space with our Personalized Tufted Placenta Floor Pillow, a versatile and cozy addition that combines comfort with style and educational utility. Personalize it with your high-resolution logo and your contact information. Choose from two sizes to cater to your needs.

A perfect addition to waiting rooms, childbirth education classrooms, or yoga studios. Unlock its marketing potential by gifting it to childbirth educators, yoga instructors, midwives, doulas, or doctors to boost your brand awareness within your target market.

This comfy pillow not only serves as both a teaching tool and a chic fashion statement but also as a powerful branding tool that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Key Features:

  • Unmatched Comfort: Crafted from 100% polyester, this pillow offers indulgent softness for relaxation.
  • Stylish Design: The tufted pattern adds a touch of elegance to your space, effortlessly complementing any decor style.
  • Logo and Branding: Upload your high-resolution logo to this Tufted Placenta Pillow and turn it into a powerful marketing tool for your business. Whether in waiting rooms, yoga studios, or childbirth education classrooms, your logo on this stylish pillow leaves a lasting impression, making your brand more memorable and recognizable. It’s a simple way to reinforce your brand identity and enhance your professional image.
  • Versatile Sizing: Choose from two sizes to suit your needs. The smaller size works as both a large throw pillow and a floor pillow, while the larger size is designed to provide maximum comfort as a spacious floor pillow, easily adaptable to your unique setting.
  • Quality Filling: Inside, you’ll discover the perfect blend of support and plushness, thanks to the 100% polyester filling. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about providing exceptional comfort for your relaxation spaces.
  • Your Contact Information: For even greater marketing impact, add your contact information to the pillow. Whether it’s your website, phone number, or email address, having your contact details on the pillow ensures potential clients can easily reach out to you. This feature not only promotes your brand but also helps you connect with interested individuals more conveniently.

Additional personalization options:

Personalization pricing starts at $10 for a single zone, $15 for 2 zones, and $20 for all three zones.

Note: This Item is priced for only two zones! See other products for variations.

  • Add a Statement about Placenta Encapsulation or Your Practice: Personalize your Tufted Placenta Pillow further by adding a brief statement about placenta encapsulation or information about your practice. This allows you to educate and inform potential clients while enhancing the unique character of your pillow.

These additional personalization options not only make your pillow stand out but also turn it into an even more effective tool for educating, branding, and reaching your target audience.

26″ × 26″ 30″ × 30″
Width , cm 66.04 76.20
Length, cm 66.04 76.20
Height, cm 18.00 18.00

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