Placenta Embrace Baby Beanie


The ‘Placenta Embrace Baby Beanie’ is a cozy embrace for newborns, adorned with a placenta motif symbolizing the life-sustaining force. This hat stands as a testament to the placenta’s incredible healing and nourishing properties, offering not just warmth, but a meaningful connection. An ideal gift from birth workers to clients, it celebrates the beginning of life with a blend of comfort and profound symbolism.


Introducing our ‘Placenta Embrace Baby Beanie,’ the perfect cocoon of warmth for your precious little one. Swaddle their world in the tender touch of our ultra-soft beanie, thoughtfully fashioned from the finest 100% polyester for a gentle caress. Designed to lovingly fit infants up to 6 months, this beanie ensures a snug and secure warmth from naptime to stroller walks.

The beanie blooms with a harmonious pattern of placenta motifs, each one a soft whisper of the life-sustaining force. It’s a wearable homage to the nurturing power of placenta, resonating with the deep bond of love.

Adorned with the empowering message ‘Fueled by Love and Placenta Power,’ this hat is a small testament to the incredible healing and nourishing properties of the placenta. It’s not just a beanie; it’s a caress, a promise, a placental embrace knitted into every stitch. Whether it’s a thoughtful gift or a personal keepsake, the ‘Placenta Embrace Baby Beanie’ is a cozy safeguard for your little one’s first moments and milestones.

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