Re-Purpose Your Placenta, Ruth Goldberg


Unveil the placenta’s hidden potential with Ruth Goldberg’s ‘Re-Purpose Your Placenta.’ This groundbreaking book challenges conventional views on childbirth and explores the placenta’s remarkable benefits, guiding expectant mothers and professionals on its integral role in the birthing process. Discover a wealth of insights and options for harnessing the placenta’s potential, from delayed cord clamping to encapsulation. This treasure trove of wisdom and science is a must-have for expectant mothers and birth professionals.

The APPA training course requires the student to select and read 2 books from a list of four. Re-purpose Your Placenta, an excellent choice, is among those four.

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Re-Purpose Your Placenta

Ruth Goldberg

Placenta’s Hidden Potential Unveiled!

Experience the miracle of birth in an entirely new light with “Re-Purpose Your Placenta” by Ruth Goldberg. This insightful and groundbreaking book delves into the often-overlooked treasure of childbirth – the placenta. Birth is a monumental event, but many don’t realize that it isn’t truly complete until the placenta makes its entrance into the world. In this captivating read, Goldberg challenges the Western world’s view of the placenta as mere medical waste and explores its hidden potential. Discover the astonishing fact that at the time of birth, the placenta is still brimming with life. “Re-Purpose Your Placenta” unveils the incredible benefits the placenta can offer both mother and baby long after the birth.

Have you ever wondered what your placenta can do for you? This book is your key to unlocking its potential. While the idea of utilizing the placenta after birth might seem unconventional to some and shocking to others, Goldberg takes you on a journey to understand that the placenta is an integral part of every birth and its management is becoming a crucial aspect of every expectant mother’s birth plan. Ruth Goldberg, with her wealth of knowledge and expertise, offers a comprehensive guide to harnessing the placenta’s potential. Each chapter delves into various options, including delayed cord clamping, cord blood collection, cord burning, lotus birth, encapsulation, and ritual burial. Goldberg provides detailed insights into each of these methods and equips you with valuable resource materials for making informed choices. “Re-Purpose Your Placenta” is a treasure trove of both sacred wisdom and scientific knowledge, a must-have for every expectant mother’s wish list and an invaluable addition to every birth professional’s library. Don’t miss the opportunity to unlock the hidden potential of your placenta and transform your birth experience. Order your copy of this groundbreaking book today and embark on a journey of discovery that will forever change the way you view childbirth.

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