The Magic Google Folder



Back by popular demand, “The Magic Google Folder” – now better than ever with nine exciting new additions to elevate your business, educate your clients, and market your services effectively. This treasure trove of downloadable and printable resources is designed to empower you in various aspects of your practice, and these additions are available in the folder.


  1. New in 2023: Placenta stock photo library. Need a striking placenta image for your brochure or website? We’ve got you covered!
  2. New in 2023: 30 Days of Social Media Ideas.
  3. New in 2023: Research Quick Guide.
  4. New in 2023: Usage instructions card with space for your contact info and logo – a quick addition to the final package.
  5. New in 2023: Preservation instruction card with room for your contact info and logo – a handy inclusion for your client’s hospital bag.
  6. New in 2023: “Your placenta has potential…” cards with citation QR codes.
  7. New in 2023: Business Mindset Folder.
  8. New in 2023: More stunning social media posts.
  9. New in 2023: “Hire an APPA Certified Placenta Arts Specialist” marketing brochure.
  10. Fun and educational social media graphics, complete with hashtag suggestions and copy.
  11. An editable introductory letter to providers.
  12. GBS, Safe to Encapsulate? GO/Stop card.
  13. Research at a Glance with a bibliography.
  14. Placenta Encapsulation Questions Answered.
  15. Bleach Solutions for quick workspace reference.
  16. Placenta packaging handout for hospital staff.
  17. APPA Logos.
  18. “Will it Encapsulate?” – a helpful reminder for clients to take with them to the hospital.
  19. COVID: “Facing Challenges with Hospital Placenta Release” – An empowering client handout to assist your clients in asking the right questions when dealing with adversarial hospital providers.

This is your go-to resource to level up your placenta arts business. 📚✨🖥️

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