Graduate Spotlight: Kristen Wiertalla

Kristen Wiertalla, APPAC

I am a mom on a mission. I juggle my 15-month-old son, three dogs, two cats, backyard chickens, beekeeping, and gardening all while making a career for myself! I live a crunchy minimalist lifestyle, am an avid breastfeeding advocate, enjoy weight lifting, hiking, and DIY projects. I follow a Buddhist philosophy, and I have a […]

Graduate Spotlight- Sarah Purchase

Sarah grew up in Toronto, Ontario, and now resides in Mississauga with her two children, and fiance. She is passionate about all things birth and aspires to be a midwife in the near future. Sarah’s inspiration to offer mothers a chance to a better postpartum experience stems from her own postpartum recoveries. Sarah’s first postpartum […]

Graduate Spotlight: Shannon Bacus

Shannon grew up right in the heart of Central IL but hasn’t always stayed put. From Indiana to Africa to Missouri, she has planted roots as she’s moved. She is the best of both worlds – a dreamer who loves to get stuff done. She’s a graduate of Lincoln Christian University and is a […]

Graduate Spotlight- Leslie Boote (Anness)

Leslie Boote (Anness) APPAC, Reiki Master, Post-partum Doula, mother and wife in Northern Ontario- Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada.

Leslie work for many years as a medical secretary and receptionist until her second child was born. She has had 2 wonderful home water births with midwives and doula support along with her husband. After the personal […]