Training FAQs

“I was happy to pay full price instead of interviewing out – I want to support the work and see the whole product! I know that all trainings & certifications have given me more confidence to grow my business. Without them I never would have sought out professional relationships with the hospitals in my area so that I get invited to “train the trainer” and speak to the nursing staff meetings and meet with the OBs and Family Practice doctors so they understand why I offer PE (also I do this for my doula agency) and how I work to keep their patients safe.” -Jesse Dykhuis

 What are the classes like?

  • There are six self-paced modules through an online platform similar to what many universities and colleges are now using. You will have the freedom to work on your training on your own schedule. While each module is different, some may contain videos, demonstrations, multimedia, discussion, as well as, reading. Each module has several tasks for the student to complete. Each task will not only help the student with their understanding of the concepts but will support the student’s efforts to build their placenta practice.

What do I get for the price?

  • Six hefty training modules packed with information
  • One brain packed full of placenta knowledge
  • One on one support from Professional Mentors
  • Certification you can be proud of from a company who “gets it”
  • Personalized documents to start your business
  • One year of free membership and listing in APPA Specialist Directory
  • Private, judgement-free learning community

Are there additional expenses in the course?

  • During the course you will encounter two books for required reading you will need to purchase or borrow.
    Placenta: The Gift of Life for $21.95 +s/h and Placenta the Forgotten Chakra for $11.00
  • While the Bloodborne Pathogens/ Food Safety course was greatly integrated by APPA professionals, the course is created and maintained by a third party. Payment is made directly to that course provider.
  • If you are just starting out your placenta arts business you will need to purchase your equipment and supplies.
  • If you are an experienced provider you may need to purchase some new equipment or supplies that align with APPA’s safety and standards.

Is Bloodborne Pathogens and Food Safety included?

  • APPA has their own comprehensive placenta preparation specific combined bloodborne pathogens and food safety course available to all placenta professionals. APPA students and members will receive a discounted price. Non-members will pay full price, but for a better product, better value and better price than our closest competitors.

How is APPA different?

“The women who created this organization are the leading practitioners in North America. They are the women who did the work that we all practice based on. I’d follow these women anywhere. The organizers didn’t create this organization as a personal business…” ~Leanne Palmerston

    • APPA  is not owned or run by a single person. APPA is run by an Advisory Board of experienced placenta preparation professionals. Many of whom also participate as Professional Mentors.
    • We have been where you are now, we have been the student. We know what you need to know, and how to help you get there.
    • We also know what needs to change in this industry, and we are focused on being that change. We hold ourselves to a promise of honesty, integrity, accountability, and transparency.
    • APPA has an international reach and we look forward to building our Professional Mentor network across the world.

I live in Canada, can I take this course?

  • Yes! APPA is international.

Do you have any restrictions on preparation location?  What about method?

  • At APPA we feel it is important for you to have all the information on all methods and research laws pertaining to your area. This allows you to tailor your practice to you and your client’s needs and desires.