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Jules Gourley, CPM, LM (inactive)
The child bearing years are tender years of transitioning, stretching, and learning. It is a metamorphosis from woman to mother. For many, this period of time can be very difficult. Since the birth of my own two children, now adults, and because of my own experiences and struggles, I have spent the last 19 years helping women through this transition. This journey began in 1997 as a WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, Doula, then Midwife. It was in my midwifery practice that I first learned of placentophagy and began preparing placentas. As my career in the placenta arts has evolved, I maintain my dedication to raising professional and educational standards of placenta encapsulators worldwide.
Tamara Morales, APPAC
Tamara Morales is the owner of and was the first placenta encapsulation specialist to serve the Greater Sacramento area. Her personal experience with severe postpartum depression awakened her passion to help women experience a more balanced postpartum period. In 2008, following the birth of her second daughter, Tamara was able to have a peaceful transition thanks to her placenta capsules, and in 2009 began professionally offering this service to moms throughout Northern California. Since becoming 'The Placenta Mom' Tamara has encapsulated well over a thousand placentas and has been featured in multiple local publications. She has maintained the largest free independent placenta service provider directory to help connect service providers, across North America, with those seeking their service. Tamara's goal has always been to offer the safest possible service to postpartum mothers and her contributions to APPA help to further that goal on a larger scale.
April Kurtyka, APPAC
April Kurtyka owner of Confident Beginnings, was one of the first non-midwife placenta encapsulation specialists in Orange County, California. She has since mentored and supported many other specialists in the area. April’s personal experience with depression has helped fuel the passion she has to work with new mothers in making their postpartum transition as balanced and peaceful as possible.
Kirrah Holborn, APPAC, BFW, B.ClinSc
Kirrah Holborn is thrilled to be the first Australian to join the APPA staff. She has a Bachelors Degree in Clinical Science (major in complementary medicine) and has been involved in birth work for nearly a decade. As the owner of Placenta Wisdom, she was the first person to offer placenta encapsulation in the Northern Rivers area and was the first encapsulator in the state of New South Wales to become certified with APPA. When she’s not busy encapsulating placentas, you’ll find her teaching Birthing From Within prenatal classes, attending births as a doula and massaging pregnant women and new mothers. She lives on a rural property with her husband, fifty chickens, and three horses. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, horse riding and reading. Kirrah enjoys raising awareness of placentophagy and is passionate about raising the bar of professionalism and safety in placenta encapsulation.
Stephanie Freeman, APPAC, I.C.C.E., CBE, BFW, MOM
Stephanie Freeman has been called the Jenna Marbles and the Mary Poppins of Childbirth Education.  Both fit to a T.  She has been supporting families for over 10 years as a doula, a breastfeeding counselor, childbirth educator, and more recently as a Placenta Encapsulator.  She has 2 daughters, a tendency towards sarcasm, and a love of food.
Melody Wunderlin, APPAC
Melody owner of Cornerstone Birth,  lives with her husband Brock, together they unschool their 5 kids. They spend their spare time hiking, playing board games and eating lots of carbs.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and in her past life managed an award-winning wastewater lab. Melody is the owner operator of Cornerstone Birth and works as a Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulator, and Childbirth Educator with families in South Central Wisconsin. She has been involved in the birthing community since 2011 and looks forward to continuing to be a part of many families journey for years to come.
Christi Trimble, APPAC, HHP, SBD, Dip. Aroma
Christi Trimble is the owner of Luminosa Wellness & Birth Services, LLC in Colorado Springs, CO. She has earned her Holistic Health Counselor and Master Aromatherapist credentials from American College of Healthcare Sciences, and graduate with Honors in both. In addition to being a placenta encapsulator she is a Birth & Bereavement Doula® certified through Stillbirthday. Her passion for placentas & birth began at an early age working with horses. In high school she brought a horse placenta into her high school Honors Anatomy & Physiology class and gave a demo on it. She's been infatuated with placentas and birth ever since! Christi is a military wife, mother of three and is originally from South Jersey. When she's not giving classes on essential oil safety or processing placentas you can find her hiking around Colorado Springs with her family, or drinking tea and reading the Outlander series.


Heidi Sylvester, CPM, LDEM (UT), BFW





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