The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts, LLC (APPA) is so much more than a basic weekend workshop on placenta encapsulation. Considered the “Bachelor’s Degree in Placenta Arts”, APPA is the most comprehensive placenta preparation training available. APPA is an ever evolving, dynamic, international placenta preparation training and certification (APPAC) program. Built on the collective wisdom and accomplishment of industry pioneers, APPA elevates the standards for safety and ethics in placenta encapsulation education by combining time-honored traditions with scientific fact.

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About Placenta Capsules

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The placenta can be mom’s gateway to wellness postpartum as it is reported to curb “the baby blues” and prevent postpartum depression. Ingesting the placenta is also believed to increase a mother’s blood level of a hormone known as CRH (corticotropin-releasing hormone), a known stress-reducer. Studies have also shown that eating the placenta can also increase milk production, and slow postpartum bleeding. Find a placenta encapsulation specialist here.


Placenta Preparation is not a fad, it is an ancient art form serving more mothers than ever before. The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts seeks to promote and protect this work through establishing guidelines for safe preparation techniques and placenta encapsulation training.

Why the guidelines?


Anyone can read an online tutorial about how to make a placenta smoothie or dry out placenta strips in an oven. As this service grows how we meet the demand matters! Here at APPA, we care about maintaing standards that promote the best protocals and sanitation practices for placenta encapsulation training so that our placenta encapsulation specalists can serve clients in the safest way possible.

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Our placenta encapsulation specialists come from all different backgrounds and specialize in all different forms of preparation bringing incredible wisdom to the table. They have all met APPA’s stringent guidelines for the safest placenta preparation and have agreed to APPA’s standards & ethics for practice. Read more about our placenta encapsulation training here.