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Are you ready to begin a new career in the Placenta Arts? Or are you a birth professional looking to expand your portfolio of services with placenta encapsulation?


APPA absolutely met the needs of my learning style. When I needed extra assistance or clarification, my mentor was always there to answer me… I’m really impressed.” -APPA Graduate
APPA has taken my placenta practice to a new level of professionalism and safety. I can’t recommend the organization enough for both placenta professionals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge as well as those looking to launch a new career.-APPA Graduate
“I honestly felt like the instructors, board, and mentors CARED for me and wanted me to succeed.”

-APPA Graduate

Register today and start training to become an APPA Certified Placenta Arts Specialist (APPAC)!

Our modules are designed to completely prepare you to start or expand your career in placenta encapsulation. APPA coursework covers all aspects of being a professional placenta encapsulation specialist, from creating your business documents to identifying the most commonly seen placental anomalies. As a Placenta Arts Specialist, you’ll learn how to provide a valuable, meaningful service and, most importantly, how to keep you and your clients safe throughout the encapsulation process.


At APPA, we feel that placenta encapsulation certification should require a degree of training not acquired in a matter of days or even weeks. 

Many placenta encapsulation programs offer weekend certification programs or short self-study programs. That’s not our style. At APPA, we feel that certification should equal a degree of training not acquired in a matter of days or even weeks. We expect each module will take anywhere from 2-12 weeks to complete, which means most students complete the entire course in 6-9 months. We also use professional mentors for one-on-one support throughout the course, all of whom are seasoned experts eager to support you on your journey. Our mentors may be available through email, video chat, and even over the phone. We want you to succeed.

We aren’t just training you to prepare placentas safely for your clients – we are training you to be an expert in the field of placenta preparation, with detailed knowledge of safety, research, business building, preparation arts, anatomy, and postpartum expectations.

Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Six hefty training modules packed with information-
      • Placenta Anatomy & Physiology
      • Research: What We Know
      • Placenta Traditions
      • Safety & Sanitation
      • Placenta Arts & Applications
      • Postpartum Expectations & Postnatal Mood disorders
  • Three hours of professional one-on-one mentoring
  • Access to a private, judgment-free social community designed to facilitate peer-to-peer learning
  • APPAC Designation, good for two years
  • Personalized documents and board reviewed preparation protocols to start your business
  • FREE listing in APPA directory
  • Access to APPA’s Placenta Arts specific OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Training.
  • Student discounts to APPA sponsored events like The Afterbirth Confab

What are you waiting for? Take the first step toward a rewarding career as an APPA Certified Placenta Arts Specialist.

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