APPA’s roots begin in 2009, when there was a growing interest and need in the birth community for dependable, professional resources for those seeking to provide placenta services. In an effort to respond to this need several providers, both independent and certified, teamed up to create a new discussion group. This group attracted many independent and previously-certified placenta service providers who came to share ideas, questions and information. The founders of that board quickly found themselves surrounded by a group that was teeming with information that had been collected by some of the top encapsulators from around the world. While this resource grew and deepened in quality of information, many expressed the desire for a more complete, formal training program that could be trusted.

The founders heard this plea and could see that a comprehensive placenta encapsulation training program for independent placenta service providers was badly needed. Along with other skilled, experienced providers they began planning and building what is now APPA. This group of dedicated independent placenta ladies went through a lot together; births, deaths, illness, and life changes. The creation of APPA has been a long journey with many paths, but our conviction remains the same. We are focused on providing the best, most comprehensive training to all those who seek.

APPA is not simply a means to certification. APPA is, first and foremost, a resource for accurate, up-to-date, internationally transferable information. Comprehensive training in safe practices has always been our number one goal, but if a person spends the time and money to learn these things you should also be able to call yourself certified in that training! Certification also allows us to maintain an ongoing relationship with graduates so that we can continue to share new information in this rapidly developing field.

This is how the APPA model has evolved. We are thrilled with the final product and know that you will be too. We are proud to offer this comprehensive training to the Placenta Arts community.



Learn with us / Placenta Encapsulation + Arts Training Outline:

  • Standards of Practice + Code of Ethics

  • Building a Safe Practice + workspace

  • Sanitation + OSHA/EPA Guidelines

  • Food-Handling Guidelines

  • Respecting The Placenta

  • Placenta History + Remedy Theory & Research

  • Biohazard Transport + Disposal

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Course

  • Traditional Methods of Preparation + Modern Methods

  • Placenta Anatomy Information

  • Prints + Tincture + Salve Preparation

  • Student and Member discounts to The After Birth Confab

  • Mentorship Options Available

  • Equipment Affiliate Program available

This training will certify you to offer safe + professional placenta services to mothers as an APPA Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.