Graduate Spotlight - Kirrah Holborn

2016July Kirrah number 2Kirrah Holborn holds a Bachelor Degree in Clinical Science but after witnessing her first homebirth in 2007, she found her true passion lay in birth work. She is now an experienced doula, pregnancy masseuse, childbirth educator and placenta encapsulation specialist.

Being a self confessed ‘placenta nerd’ she was thrilled at the opportunity to further her education with the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA) as it’s the most comprehensive and in-depth placenta training available globally.

Kirrah graduated from APPA in June 2016 and is proud to be the first APPA certified placenta specialist in New South Wales, Australia. This certification coincided with encapsulating her 133rd placenta (initial hands-on training was with IPEN in 2013).

Kirrah says ‘I take my placenta encapsulation services seriously. Furthering my formal training with APPA gave me the confidence to know that I am conforming to the highest standards in this profession and encapsulating placentas in the safest possible way’.

Kirrah Holborn B.ClinSci, APPAC

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