Graduate Spotlight – Tiffany Clark Wyatt

00521e_ae18301a747746218cdf3bfd3c946448.jpg_srb_p_397_598_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbAs a full-time, work from home (graphic design), natural-minded mom, Tiffany Clark Wyatt encapsulated for her second postpartum to help with energy levels and anxiety. After experiencing real results, Tiffany encapsulated for a dear friend’s second postpartum who suffered from severe PPD with her first. The results were life-changing and Tiffany became a true believer in the benefits of placenta encapsulation. She is part of MotherBirth, an incredible group of birth service providers, as the only sole- encapsulator among doulas. After two years and 100 encapsulations, Tiffany was ready to take her knowledge base to a higher level. She chose to certify with the Association of Placenta Preparations Arts Ltd. (APPA) because of the level of accountability that is set up with a professionally-based, international board and their respect for the client and the encapsulation providers choices in how they choose to practice.

“The education and mentoring I received and continue to receive within the APPA community allows me to be competent and confident in my standards for safety, current practices, and in the complex art of preparations for my fellow mommas.”

Tiffany practices in Lafayette, LA and the surrounding areas. 

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