APPA Shining Star: Sara Skiles

APPA is proud to introduce you to Sara Skiles!


Sara Skiles is a certified doula and the owner of Wichita Doula, a full-service doula agency in the Wichita, KS area.

Sara used to be skeptical of placenta encapsulation, but after certifying through APPA and experiencing the benefits firsthand after the birth of her second child, she now knows how postpartum recovery can be a sweeter experience with encapsulation. She is excited to be able to offer Kansas parents the highest standards of safety and sanitation in placenta encapsulation services.




Wichita Doula provides labor support, postpartum doulas, overnight doulas (“night nurse”), belly casting, and private in-home childbirth classes in addition to placenta encapsulation. Since beginning with APPA nearly 4 years ago placenta encapsulation has been my agency’s most popular service, by far.



We asked Sara a few questions about why she chose to maintain her certification with APPA and this is what she told us:

Why did you choose to renew your APPAC?

I believe that APPA is the leader in the placenta encapsulation industry and truly believes in sparing no amount of time or effort to ensure the safest practices.

In what way has being part of APPA benefited you as a placenta prep provider?
I often send people to the website to view the statement of quality, which allows them to have even more confidence in using the service.


Sara serves Wichita, Kansas and surrounding areas (Including Winfield, Andover, Hutchinson, El Dorado, etc.)

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