Shining Star: Tiffany Wyatt, APPAC

Tiffany Wyatt, APPAC As a full-time, freelance graphic designer of 15 years and natural-minded mom of two, Tiffany Clark Wyatt encapsulated for her second postpartum to help with energy levels and anxiety. After experiencing real results, she then encapsulated for a close friend’s second postpartum who suffered from severe PPD with her first. The results were life-changing for them both and Tiffany became a true believer in the benefits of placenta encapsulation. She is co-owner/co-manager of MotherBirth, an incredible group of birth service providers in southern Louisiana.
After four years and 300+ encapsulations, Tiffany continues to keep her knowledge base at the highest level available by maintaining her certifications with the Association of Placenta Preparations Arts (APPA), Louisiana Food Handlers, and Bloodborne Pathogen.

“The education and mentoring I received and continue to receive within the APPA community allow me to be competent and confident in my standards for safety, current practices, and in the complex art of preparations for my fellow mommas.”

Tiffany practices in Lafayette, LA and serves Lafayette to Lake Charles and everywhere in between.

Tiffany began encapsulating in 2013 as a mentor trained placenta specialist, then certified with APPA the summer of 2014. She has since been asked to be a co-owner and co-manager of MotherBirth. They have now tripled the size of their group and client base. MotherBirth is determined to provide the safest placenta preparation services by certifying each of their providers through APPA. Five of which are working through the course now.

Why did Tiffany choose to renew her certification with APPA?

“I choose to maintain my certification with APPA because of the level of accountability with a professionally-based, international board. Also, the knowledge and respect provided for the professional placenta service providers in the flexibility they are able to choose to practice with the safest standards in the industry.”

How has your affiliation and certification certified through APPA benefitted you and your practice?

“There have been a handful of occasions where I needed to consult other professionals on a particular case in order to confidently move forward in those situations. Certified APPACs were there to brainstorm the situation and I know I made the best choices for each of my clients with the support of my association.
APPA keeps us up-to-date with any studies or articles published allowing me to continue to be a sort of placenta knowledge resource for my birth community.” Way to step up to the plate as an expert in your field!

Tiffany’s advice to anyone considering becoming a Placenta Services Provider-

1. Strive to be an expert at what you chose to do by learning as much as you’re able and never stop.
2. Get to know the birth community in the area you wish to practice and create meaningful relationships.
3. Respect prospective clients and the industry by only practicing the safest protocols and proper equipment.


Tiffany serves Lafayette to Lake Charles, Louisiana and everywhere in between.

To Learn more about Tiffany and her practice be sure to visit her website-, on Facebook-, or on instagram- @motherbirthla. Thank you, Tiffany, for your continued loyalty and dedication to excellence. APPA is lucky to have you.

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