APPA Shining Star: Jamie Davison

Hello there! My name is Jamie Davison, owner of With Love Placenta Services, which services Central New Jersey, including Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

I spent much of my adolescence lost and looking for my place in this world. I spent my time traveling, searching for anything that spoke to my soul. It wasn’t until I saw those two little pink lines on a pregnancy test that I knew where I belonged, I knew what I was destined to do. I have always been destined to be a mother.

During my pregnancy with my daughter, I engrossed myself into all things pregnancy and birth. I couldn’t get enough. I came across placenta encapsulation about half way through my pregnancy. I had suffered depression starting in my early teen years and was, truthfully, scared out of my mind about developing postpartum depression. After researching everything I could about consuming your placenta, I figured there was no way it could harm me, so why not! My daughter was born peacefully at home in September of 2013, and the next morning my placenta was picked up and off to be encapsulated. My placenta capsules were absolutely magical. I could immediately tell if I had forgotten to take them. I truly believe my placenta capsules were the key to my easy adjustment to motherhood.

Shortly after the birth of my daughter, I became a certified Birth Doula through Birth Arts International. I was blessed to be a part of the amazing birth community that is Austin, Texas. I spent the following years learning from some of the best birth workers in the country. It wasn’t until a few years later, a cross-country move, and one more baby that I decided to focus my energy on placenta encapsulation. I needed to be within the world of birth but could not dedicate my time to holding space for birthing women, as required as a doula. Being a placenta specialist has opened a new passion within me to continue serving woman on their journey to motherhood.

We asked Jamie some questions about her experiences with APPA, here is what she told us:

Why did you choose APPA as your certifying organization?
When I decided to become a placenta encapsulator, I asked around some Facebook groups I belonged in and ultimately decided to go the cheapest route on training programs. Within one week, I quickly realized that you get what you pay for! Without hesitation, I immediately switched to APPA and was AMAZED at the difference in the program.

What did you like the most about APPA?
APPA was amazingly comprehensive. The program is incredibly detailed, yet not overwhelming. As someone who did not thrive in a school environment, I felt all the tasks were challenging, but not overly complicated where you continuously felt “stuck”. All of the mentors left me feeling supported and like they really were there to help me succeed in the program.

How has this training changed your practice or added to your knowledge?
Before APPA I had the basic knowledge on HOW TO encapsulate, but lacked a lot of the “why” when it came to certain very important situations. After taking APPA’s training, I feel completely confident in my practice, knowing that I am now using the highest safety measures in the industry.


Connect with Jamie at or follow her on social media – or @withloveplacenta on Instagram



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