APPA Shining Star: Jill Schwartz

APPA would like to introduce you to Jill Schwartz from Minnesota!


Jill Schwartz lives in rural Minnesota and is very excited to be the only APPA Certified Placenta Specialist in her area, serving 8 counties of the state. She has been a DONA certified birth doula since 2004 and has a true passion for helping others. Her business “Sweet Miracles Doula” has grown significantly in the past five years and she attributes that to women who are becoming better advocates for their birth wishes and finding options that are right for them. Birth is beautiful, and women are strong…Jill loves to watch women find their inner strength and wisdom while having their perfect birth, their way.

Jill loves everything about pregnancy and childbirth. She gets excited when she talks about microbiomes, vernix, delayed cord closures, the ‘Golden Hour’, oxytocin, breastfeeding…and now placentas!! While her topics get a variety of responses, she finds that most people love to learn the benefits of placentophagy. Jill offers TM and Raw Start encapsulation, placenta prints, placenta tincture and cord keepsakes.

We asked Jill a few questions about her experience with APPA:

Why did you choose APPA as your certifying organization?

When choosing a certifying organization, I knew that APPA was the right fit for me. Although it is an online course, it uses a variety of teaching techniques to suit my style of learning, and it is self-paced! The training is extensive and thorough, with high expectations of graduates…and I liked that. When I decide to do something, I like to do it right…and APPA is a highly respected program that I knew I wanted to be a part of. I am proud of my certification and feel confident that I am now providing professional, top-notch service and safe, quality products. I feel that my clients deserve the best.

What did you like the most about APPA?
Without a doubt, the thing that I liked best about APPA is the mentor program! Absolutely amazing. Not only do the mentors help motivate you and hold you accountable for the goals that you set yourself (not theirs), but they really do care about your success. I remember the first email from my mentor; she asked, “How can I best help you succeed?” I felt like a bit of a ‘non-trad’ without much experience with online classes, but the mentors are always available to answer questions! Their experience and knowledge of the modules was very helpful whenever I needed help.

How has this training changed your practice or added to your knowledge?
Originally, I wanted to become a certified placenta specialist so I could offer the service to my doula clients. During my training and through word of mouth, I quickly found that this would become a business of its own. People were contacting me and inquiring about my services before I was even ready. I am thrilled to now offer placenta services to clients in 8 rural counties in Minnesota!!

You can learn more about Jill at her website: 

Or visit her facebook page: Sweet Miracles Doula


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