Graduate Spotlight - Heather Meyer


Heather Meyer lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband and 6 kids.   After the birth of her 3rd child she experienced severe Postpartum OCD and anxiety. Knowing she wanted more children she search for something that may help her during postpartum, that led her to Placenta Encapsulation.  In 2006, she had baby #4 and with that her first personal experience with encapsulation.  Since, she used encapsulation with baby #5 and #6 also.   In 2012, Heather expanded and opened her encapsulation services to the public as her passion for placenta encapsulation grew.

In 2015 with nearly 400 encapsulation under her belt she wanted to give her clients even more confidence in choosing her.  After researching, Heather felt APPA was the right match for her.  She shares APPA commitment to professionalism and safety.

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