Graduate Spotlight: Jane Stanley

Jane was born and bred in the north of England and her passion for “all things birth” began when she home-birthed her two daughters in 1995 and 1998. Over the next few years she and her family moved to Texas, USA and whilst raising her two girls, she studied with DONA International to become a certified Birth Doula. Whilst working as a private Doula, she was also involved with a Teen Pregnancy Support Program and provided Childbirth Education, Birth and Postnatal support to many teenage mothers in a socio-economically deprived area.  Jane and her family moved to Western Australia in 2006 where she continued supporting birthing women and their families, ultimately being awarded a Fellowship by DONA International and studying with Penny Simkin, Michel Odent and Phyliss and Marshall Klauss, and certifying as a DONA Birth Doula Trainer.

Since 2007, Jane has been involved with the education of many families in her role of Childbirth Educator with The Bump WA (formerly Community Midwifery WA) and Administrator of the Community Midwifery Program.

A natural progression into placenta encapsulation evolved in 2012 when Jane studied and certified as a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist with Placenta Benefits (PBi). She chose to advance her placenta encapsulation skills and knowledge by studying and certifying with the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA); the “gold standard” training body in placenta preparation, and is extremely proud to be one of a very small number of placenta encapsulators in Australia with the high level of skills and training that APPA provide. She is fully insured to provide her placenta encapsulation service and maintains her Blood Borne Pathogen and Food Safety Supervisor qualifications on an annual basis as part of her role. She is also a certified member of The International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, and is proud to be a verified member and committee member of Placenta Services Australia.

Jane lives on acreage in the beautiful hills of Perth where she has a dedicated, stand-alone placenta encapsulation workshop and she services all hospitals in the North, East and Central areas of the city.  She provides, encapsulation, placenta prints, vial keepsakes and cord keepsakes and to date has provided her service to over 350 new mothers.



Facebook: Birtherapy Placenta Services

Phone: 0448 985 396

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