Graduate Spotlight: Kristen Wiertalla

I am a mom on a mission. I juggle my 15-month-old son, three dogs, two cats, backyard chickens, beekeeping, and gardening all while making a career for myself! I live a crunchy minimalist lifestyle, am an avid breastfeeding advocate, enjoy weight lifting, hiking, and DIY projects. I follow a Buddhist philosophy, and I have a zest for life but a strong passion for helping others. That is why I chose this particular profession. I get to combine my artsy side with my main drive in life, creating my perfect career! How many people can say the love what they do? I’m one of the lucky few! Making a difference in people’s lives is very important to me. I am proud to be an integral part of the birth community in my area.

Kristen serves Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas. Visit Kristen’s website to learn more about her services at


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