Graduate Spotlight – Sara Skiles

00521e_500efac1342b4656b5dcf60264cf668f.jpg_srb_p_334_353_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbSara Skiles is a certified doula in Wichita, Kansas and the mother of two wonderful children. Although she used to be skeptical about placentophagia, once she began studying the placenta, its role in pregnancy and the many ways it can be used, she grew to respect and appreciate the amazing organ. She took it to the next level by trying placenta smoothies and encapsulation with her second birth, and experienced the numerous benefits first-hand. Sara is passionate about postpartum physical and mental health, and as a postpartum doula she loves that she can positively impact new families with placenta support as well.

Sara is thrilled that parents in the Wichita area can have their placentas handled according to APPA’s rigorous methods of safety and sanitation, and pledges to uphold the APPA Standards as well as treat each placenta and family with care and honor.

“I chose APPA because I wanted to be challenged, and I wanted to put in the time and effort to not only learn everything about placentas, but also how to ensure that I’m keeping myself, my clients and my future clients safe while I’m providing this service. I loved my APPA training and can’t believe how much valuable knowledge I gained.”

While not working with new families, Sara enjoys art, cooking, enjoying friends and blogging at

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